Boost your job search confidence

Job search confidence

Boost your job search confidence

Over the last few months, I have been busy working with candidates who are preparing to find a new job. I have been reviewing Resumes and LinkedIn profiles, as well as working with candidates to workshop ideas on how they can change career direction or transition into a different industry. (You could insert the word ‘pivot’, a well-used buzzword right now!)

During this time, it has become evident that across a variety of industries and seniority levels, most of us find it a little hard to summarise our professional life in just a few short sentences – both on paper and in interview. I too can be counted in that number.

In my opinion, the ‘elevator pitch’ or 15-30 second personal brand summary, is one of the most overlooked starting points when it comes to changing careers, looking for a job or simply meeting new people.

Honestly, while working with amazing candidates during this strange time, it became evident that work-shopping your ‘elevator pitch’ increases your confidence, especially when it comes to a job search or entering a new industry. Sure, it seems a tad basic, but it really does work.

Sure, reviewing your ‘elevator pitch’ can be challenging. Where do you start when summarising yourself in just 15 secs or a few sentences? What do you say when someone asks you that open ended question ‘so what do you do?’. It is easy to freeze up. Do I talk about my job? Or the fact I have taken up running during Covid lockdown?

To begin, look at the bigger picture. Pour yourself a good cuppa, grab a notebook and start jotting notes to these questions:

  • What you do for work?
  • Why you love your job OR why you do it?
  • What do you aspire to be professionally?

This should reveal your passion for what you do professionally as well as showcase your values. A great place to start.

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