Why work with us

Simply: we connect the best candidates with equally amazing workplaces.

Whether you’re already working in New Zealand, or you want to be, get in touch with us today to help you find the right role in either digital, marketing or technology. We can discuss where you are now, what job you’re looking for, and see if we can connect the career dots to make it happen.

But don’t just take our word for it – there are an extensive number of reasons why Analog Recruitment is the best recruitment agency.

We combine market knowledge with client relationships

We combine strong market knowledge with close relationships with clients in the digital, media, marketing and technology sectors in New Zealand. This makes your job search simple, effective and stress-free.

We provide support and encouragement

During the entire recruitment process we will be by your side to support and encourage you. As we get to know you we make sure we’re providing you with the help you need to land your dream job, and we keep you informed so you always know what’s happening.

Connecting you to those who matter

We’ve got the ear of the businesses that you want to work for, and we can help you be seen by those that matter. Our team helps you represent yourself effectively online and in your resume, and if we think that the job is perfect for you, we can introduce you directly to the hiring managers to get your foot in the door.

Reduce your stress levels

Landing your dream job can be stressful. Therefore we work to communicate throughout the hiring process so you know what’s happening at every stage of the recruitment journey. We’ve got the industry experience to know the current industry nz salary rates, and when the time comes we can negotiate on your behalf to make the best deal possible for you.

We keep you informed

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