Why work with us?

Analog Recruitment works with professionals in a range of specialist fields across New Zealand, to help you fill your role with the perfect candidate.

What do Analog Recruitment offer?

With years of industry experience across digital, marketing, tech, advertising, media and sales, we can recruit the talent you need, replacing stress and time-consuming searching with ease and simplicity. When you work with us, we offer:


We want to make the recruitment process efficient for you – so we keep it simple to ensure it has minimal impacts on your working day.

High-quality talent

Thanks to our community of business contacts and candidates, we can deliver the best possible level of talent for the employee you’re seeking. We thoroughly interview candidates to understand both their skills and personalities; this allows us to match the right experience to the role whilst finding the right fit for your company culture.

Wage criteria and assistance

We have the ability to understand and assist you with wage standards across your roles. We work with clients and candidates to understand expectations and market value of the roles available, and what the right offer to make is from both sides.

Connections to the best talent

We work with only the best talent – we won’t send you candidates to simply “look like” we’re working. You will only hear from us with two to five key candidates per role; we only recommend a select panel because we believe any of them could be the right candidates.

What Candidates Say

“Lauretta listens. She understands our business needs, we trust her to deliver great candidates”
SAAS Client

“Honestly I have dealt with other recruitment agencies in my job search, who sometimes I feel like have been pushing their own agendas, and it’s rare to find someone like you (Lauretta) because you’ve taken the time to really understand where I’m at and recommend me to an organisation that aligns with my values to a T!”
Candidate- Content and SEO Manager

“I enjoyed the friendly honest and approachable nature of Lauretta – her personal connection and professional approach helped me trust her recommendations”
Candidate- Digital Specialist

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