Got an interview? Let’s talk about first impressions

Got an interview? Let’s talk about first impressions

When it comes to a job interview, starting a new job or being new in the workplace, some career experts say that it can take as little as 3 seconds to decide if they want to work with you or not. First impressions are key. In New Zealand we generally like to feel connected to those they work with. Workplace culture and workplace relationships are highly valued. Understanding it is not just about the first impression or the way you present initially, but it sure goes along way.
Luckily there are some factors you can manage to make a positive first impression.

-Personal style or what you are wearing.

When attending a job interview, whether we like it or not, judgement will generally occur when you first walk into a room. Always dress to impress, but dress to your own personal style and to a degree, also that of the workplace. Being clean and well groomed also goes along way. The upside of dressing to impress, it will increase your confidence.

-Positive body language.

Simple things like greeting with a firm and confident handshake or making eye contact when talking goes along way. Sitting with your arms crossed can appear more closed or abrupt.

-Soft skills or emotional awareness.

Strong social skills and emotional awareness can be looked at favorably. Show genuine interest in the conversation and the person you are talking with, be kind and respectful. Use your manners. Ask questions and be engaged in the answers, be an active listener. Use first names. Humor can break the ice, if that’s your style!


Seems obvious, but not everyone is well prepared. Do your research on the job, the company, the clients and the team. Show commitment to the job, ask well thought out questions. Prepare examples of work (in your mind/notebook/computer), this can help you showcase your skills in more detail.

I truly believe the key to a great first impression in an interview is both preparation and the ability to be yourself. If you are prepared, you tend to feel more relaxed and interview well.

To land that job, preparation definitely increases the chance of a positive first impression and job interview success.

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