Let’s talk personal branding.

Let’s talk personal branding.

In my opinion, the ‘elevator pitch’ or 15-30 second personal summary, is one of the most overlooked starting points with personal branding. Whether it be for starting a new job, networking or meeting new people in general, it is handy to have a quick and effective ‘blurb’ about you on hand. It can really help not just your personal brand but increase confidence in yourself.

I agree, your ‘elevator pitch’ can be challenging. Where do you start when summarising yourself in just 15 secs or a few sentences? What do you say when someone asks you, ‘so what do you do’? It is easy to freeze up and not know what to say. Do I talk about me or the fact I ran a marathon on the weekend? Hmm what is my personal brand?

Working on your ‘elevator pitch’ is working on your personal brand. To begin reviewing your pitch you must look at the bigger picture. It may take time to reflect and ponder on. Start at the start.

A great starting point is simply tell the world:

-what you do for work and why

-how you view your job and why you love it OR why you do it?

This will immediately reveal your value and your passion for what you do AND begin to identify your personal brand.

I can confirm, candidates who have a strong ‘elevator pitch’ are definitely more confident in their ability during an interview.

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