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Jobs in Queenstown

Jobs in digital and tech are coming in 2022! Whether you are a Developer, UX Designer, Product Marketer, Analyst + more.

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Boost your job search confidence

Over the last few months, I have been busy working with candidates who are preparing to find a new job. I have been reviewing Resumes and LinkedIn profiles, as well as working with candidates to workshop ideas on how they can change career direction or transition...

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Job search confidence

Go on, update your LinkedIn profile

Getting JOB READY isn’t just about updating your Resume, your LinkedIn profile is just as important. Sure, LinkedIn helps you find a new job, but you can also build professional networks, gain insights into the job marketplace or connect with companies and...

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Update your LinkedIn profile

Resume tips. What NOT to do on your resume.

The digital, media and marketing job market is a competitive space. In order to land that dream job it is necessary to ensure your resume gets noticed. Standing out is easier said than done. Studies have revealed that one-in-five HR Managers/Recruiters spend less...

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Resume tips

Let’s talk personal branding.

In my opinion, the ‘elevator pitch’ or 15-30 second personal summary, is one of the most overlooked starting points with personal branding. Whether it be for starting a new job, networking or meeting new people in general, it is handy to have a quick and effective...

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Got an interview? Let’s talk about first impressions

When it comes to a job interview, starting a new job or being new in the workplace, some career experts say that it can take as little as 3 seconds to decide if they want to work with you or not. First impressions are key. In New Zealand we generally like to feel...

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