Resume tips. What NOT to do on your resume.

Resume tips

Resume tips. What NOT to do on your resume.

The digital, media and marketing job market is a competitive space. In order to land that dream job it is necessary to ensure your resume gets noticed.

Standing out is easier said than done. Studies have revealed that one-in-five HR Managers/Recruiters spend less than 30 seconds reviewing each application. 40% spend less than one minute. So yes, you have as little as 30-60 seconds to capture the attention of hiring Managers.

Simple resume mistakes are a common reason hiring Managers skip over resumes.

Here are some tips to avoid basic application mistakes, please see some surprisingly common (and entertaining) bloopers!

1. Applications are addressed to Sir/Madam instead of the person listed in the advert. It is easy to personalise your application. Taking this extra time to address the hiring Manager and tailoring your application to the role/workplace will definitely make you ‘stand out from the crowd’. Let’s be real, we are a little past these ‘old fashioned’ titles. This is the digital space; first names are overwhelmingly the norm.

2. Typos, typos, typos. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are surprisingly common. A resume can sometimes arrive in word format with underlined red spellcheck lines. An error free resume is really really important. Most roles in the digital space require attention to detail and numerical/content accuracy. Typos are most definitely a giant blooper.

3. No contact details. This seems simple, every now and again we receive a fabulous resume but only a name, no phone number or email address. In order to find this person, time must be taken to find them online. It is much simpler to ensure you add your contact details!

4. Photos. Now photos have been a contentious topic for a while. In my opinion, if they are professional images, I think they could be positive. However, photos from your last 21st or wedding are not appropriate for your LinkedIn profile or resume.

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