Go on, update your LinkedIn profile

Update your LinkedIn profile

Go on, update your LinkedIn profile

Getting JOB READY isn’t just about updating your Resume, your LinkedIn profile is just as important. Sure, LinkedIn helps you find a new job, but you can also build professional networks, gain insights into the job marketplace or connect with companies and professional groups.

Now is a great time to tidy up your LinkedIn profile ready for your job search. Here are some simple tweaks to help you stand out.

1.    Your profile picture

Like it or not, your profile picture forms the basis of a first impression. The key is to select a professional picture that makes you easy to identify. The well documented rules are; take a well-lit picture, ensure your face takes up about 60% of the space, wear your work attire and smile naturally.

2.    Select a background picture

A landscape picture is the second visual prompt. It is there to capture attention. It helps to define your personal brand and professional image.

3.     Review your headline.

Did you know the most neglected part of your LinkedIn profile is ‘the headline’? You can make this more than just a job title. 120 characters long, you can promote what you do, your brand, your identity and your work specialty. The headline is your chance to tell your network why you are valuable.

It is designed to persuade readers to click through and read your profile. Always think about your target audience, what does that market care about most and what do I have to offer?

I recommend keeping it professional and aligned with your personal brand. Avoid the buzzwords and try not to brag.

4. The summary

Now its time to bring your headline to life. Tell your professional story. It is content marketing but for you personally. I would recommend you take the time to write this well. It isn’t just a list of the job titles and skills you have but a place to capture your own personal brand story.

5.     Your experience

Put simply, this is a shortened version of what you have in your resume. With many job titles meaning different things, add in a summary of each role with a shortlist of key responsibilities. Make it easy for the reader to understand what you did in each role. Some may choose to add key achievements if suitable.

6.     Key skills

Please update your key skills. For Hiring Managers and Recruiters, the key skills area is a well-used tool used for searching suitable candidates on LinkedIn.  Ensure to add new skills as your career progresses, and spring clean those that may not be relevant.

7.    Looking for new opportunities?

Let Recruiters and Hiring managers know you are looking. If you are looking for a new role then turn on ‘open to new opportunities’. Go into settings and select yes in your ‘open to new opportunities’ tab. In my opinion this is one of the best ways for job seekers to be found easily on LinkedIn. Don’t worry LinkedIn keep this private and hidden from people who work in your network.

Always remember you profile is your brand, it is your chance to tell your community who you are, what you do, reveal your personality, and encourage engagement. It can help you get noticed.

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