Why work with us?

We work with professionals in the specialist fields of digital, advertising, media, marketing and sales across New Zealand.

Analog has the skills and experience to:

We can help your business to find the talent that suits the role you’re recruiting for and the team you’re building.

  • Make the recruitment process efficient. We keep the recruitment process simple and efficient so it has minimal impact on your working day.
  • Deliver the best possible level of talent. We thoroughly interview candidates to understand their personalities and aspirations as well as their skills and experience. This allows us to match the right experience to your role while finding the right fit for your company culture.
  • Understand the NZ industry wage standard. We work with clients and candidates to ensure market value is met, and the right offer is made.
  • Select only the best talent. We promise not to send you talent simply to ‘look like’ we are working. You will only hear from us with between 2-3 key candidates per role – who we’ll recommend because we believe they are the right candidates.

It’s easier to recruit with Analog


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