Why work with us

It’s simple. We connect the best candidates with equally amazing workplaces.

If you’re working in New Zealand across digital, marketing, media, technology or sales – or you want to be – why not get in contact?  We can chat about where you are now, what job you would like, and see if we can connect the career dots.

Professional and market knowledge

We combine strong market knowledge with close relationships with clients in the digital, media, marketing, technology and sales industries in New Zealand. Analog are ideally placed to help you in your job search.

We provide support

We’ll be with you during the entire process. We want to get to know you so we can make sure we’re providing you with the help that you need to land that dream job. During the process we’ll keep you informed so you always know what’s happening. We work together.

We’ll spread the word

We’ve got the ear of the businesses that you want to work for. We can help you to be seen. We can help you represent yourself effectively online and in your resumé. Most importantly if we think that a job is a good fit, we can introduce you directly to the hiring managers.

Reduce your stress levels

Understanding that landing that dream job can be stressful. We communicate throughout the whole hiring process so you know whats happening next. We’ve got the industry experience to know the current industry salary rates and when the time comes we’ll negotiate on your behalf.

We keep you informed

Sign up today for our Analog email. Every month we’ll send you the latest industry news and job search tips, as well as making sure you know about new jobs that have come onto the market. To find out what jobs we have available now [insert call to action].

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